You asked, we answered. Here’s everything you need to know about Hapē Sake.

What ingredients are in Hapē Sake?

Hapē Sake is made by combining premium Junmai sake with real fruit, real tea, and sparkling water— that’s it.

What is Junmai Sake?

Junmai-shu [純米酒] can be translated as “pure/unmixed rice sake”. Junmai sake is a premium version of sake, crafted by polishing rice to at least 70% and brewing without any additives besides rice, water, yeast, and koji. This is done to remove any impurities and produce a smooth and refined flavor. The entire brewing process is overseen by an award-winning Toji, or brewmaster, to ensure the finest quality sake in line with Japanese tradition.

Where is Hapē Sake made?

We’re proud to say that Hapē Sake is produced entirely in the State of California—after sourcing our Junmai sake from one of the oldest breweries in the world who has been producing sake since 1711.

What dOes Hapē Sake taste like?

Hapē Sake has a bold and bright flavor profile, featuring bursts of citrus and bubbly carbonation and layered with subtle floral notes. To learn more about each flavor, head on over to our shop page!

Is Hapē Sake safe fOr me tO drink? I have Celiac disease.

Yes! Hapē Sake is 100% gluten-free.

Are there any artificial ingredients in yOur prOduct?

Hell no! We believe in using top quality natural ingredients to ensure our customers are getting the best product possible. Each spritz includes real fruit juice, Junmai sake, and seltzer water. That’s it!

Can I just Order a 4-pack?

At this time, we are unable to ship 4-packs. It’s incredibly expensive and labor-intensive to ship alcohol, so it would not be cost effective (for you or for us) to ship anything less than 12 cans at a time! However, if you live in our retail footprint you can pick up a smaller size in-stores and skip the shipping times.

Where can I get Hapē Sake?

Your doorstep (if you order online)! Or, if you prefer to purchase in-store, Hapē Sake is available at your local Bevmo anywhere in California.

DO I have tO be hOme tO accept my shipment Of Hape Sake when it arrives?

Yes! To ensure your product arrives safely, you’ll need to sign upon delivery. Sign up for shipping updates to make sure you’re around!

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