Real Fruit.
Real Tea.
Real Sake.

4.6% ABV. Zero Added sugar. 100 calories.

HAPĒ Sake variety pack

Let us send you this exclusive 12-pack with our 3 most popular flavors. Make a flight at home, share with your friends, try our greatest hits and find your favorite.

Grapefruit with
Elderflower & ginger
Green tea with
yuzu & lemon
Lemonade with
Hibiscus & lemongrass
$55.99 $46.75

What is HAPĒ Sake

Hapē Sake is a sake-based spiked seltzer made with premium Junmai sake, real fruit, and real tea. With all natural ingredients, zero added sugar, and just 100 calories, this delicious and refreshing sake spritz is your new go-to beverage.

US VS. Them

Ditch the boring, traditional beverages.

HAPĒ Sake Hard Seltzer Cocktails Wine Beer
Real Ingredients X X X
Sustainably Made X X X X
Low Sugar X
Low Calories X X
Unique Flavors X X X
"The lemonade
spritz is too
damn good."
Millie V.
"HAPĒ sake is
the best tasting
seltzer on the
market. Goodbye
White Claws!"
Cameron B.
"Hands down
my favorite
hard seltzer."
Nolan F.